4.4.02 - Healthquest version - Aug 18th, 2022

4.4.02 - Healthquest version - Aug 18th, 2022

  1. *New* Appointment Confirmations - An icon is displayed on the appointment schedule next to confirmed appointments.
  2. *New* Intake Form Report - This report displays a summary of completed, partially completed, and incomplete intake forms within a user defined date range. Located under Reports > Client Lists > Intake Forms.
  3. Text Messaging - Reports > Clients Lists > Text Message History has been expanded to display a summary of text message counts per month.
  4. Medications - Added the ability to delete inactive PrescribeIT® opt-out medications that are less than 2 days old.
  5. Patient Messaging - Patient handouts can now be attached to outgoing patient messages.
  6. Fixed a bug where the Labels button was not visible on Appointment Details in some instances.
  7. Fixed an issue where online booking confirmation emails were being recorded as reminders in certain situations.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused the original value of re-submitted claims on the reconciliation report to be calculated incorrectly in some situations.
  9. Resolved various issues that prevented macro codes on chart note row data from functioning correctly in some instances.
  10. Updating addresses linked across patients now includes the postal code.
  11. Fixed a bug that caused critical notes to repeatedly appear in some situations when the frequent critical notes program setup option was disabled.
  12. Fixed an issue where removing doctors from an appointment type would generate an error message in some instances.
  13. Fixed a bug where certain scanned images would not be displayed properly.
  14. Resolved an issue where sending a medication via PrescribeIT® would sometimes incorrectly set the status to failed when the message was sent successfully.
  15. Fixed an issue that prevented patient messaging conversations from being copied in certain situations.

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