4.4.41 - Healthquest version - Feb 6th, 2024

4.4.41 - Healthquest version - Feb 6th, 2024

  1. *New* Appointment Schedule - Next Appt Search - Right-click on the patient in the shuttle bay to display the 'Next Appt' button. Click on the button to bring up the appointment details of that patient's upcoming appointment.
  2. *New* Add all Problems as an attachment - From the Worklist or Referral attachment windows, select Problems from the 'Select Attachments to Preview' drop-down. New 'Add All' and 'Rem All' buttons are now available
  3. *New* Doctor Site Setup - Manage sites and other settings for doctors from one report, located in Admin > Security Reports.
  4. Appointment Details - Contact information is now editable directly on the new appointment details window.
  5. Appointment Details - Users can now click the email address in appointment details to send an email.
  6. AH Facilities - Browse AH Tables > facility lookup can now search using facility names.
  7. PrescribeIT - Multi-select and delete medications that are in the Draft status.
  8. Fixed an issue where the Appointment Confirmations window popped up in some situations when 'Mark as Reviewed' was enabled.
  9. Various other bug fixes.

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