4.4.42 - Healthquest version - Feb 12th, 2024

4.4.42 - Healthquest version - Feb 12th, 2024

  1. Fixed a bug that caused an error when indexing TIF files in some situations.
  2. Fixed an issue where required fields for new patient demographics were not validating correctly in some situations.

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    • 4.4.21 - Healthquest version - Feb 27th, 2023

      Fixed an issue where indexing files from dr2dr would crash Healthquest in some situations. Fixed a bug when attaching files to a WCB Rapid Report that would cause the window to freeze in some situations.
    • 4.4.20 - Healthquest version - Feb 3rd, 2023

      Waitlists - City/Town checkbox added to the Waitlist Setup window. City/Town column displays in the waitlist, if selected. Resolved an issue when populating letter form fields where additional prompts for information were appearing. Additional ...
    • 4.4.41 - Healthquest version - Feb 6th, 2024

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      *New* Form History - Click the ‘Form History’ button on a form to view previous versions of a form as well as deleted forms. From the Form History window, click ‘Restore Version’ to restore a previous version of a form or restore a deleted form. ...
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