Alert system

Alert system

Healthquest has an alert code system built in, mimicking the code colors AHS uses. This is vital for keeping patients, staff, and practitioners safe within the clinic, reaching out for help to all Healthquest users within the clinic.


Activate this feature in program setup > admin > select ‘use alert system’.

  1. Alerts will be available in the instant messaging window, click ‘send alert’.
  2. Click help on the tabletop menu, hover over alerts, and select the applicable code.
  3. If activated, press F7 to send a panic alert.


Once one of these buttons has been selected, the panic window will open.

Type in any additional information in the text box, then click ok.

Everybody logged into your database will receive the following message in the instant messaging window in the top half.

The alert will display user, date/time, site #, alert type, description and colour. If it is a doctor activating the alert, and they have a patient on their schedule that is ‘In Room’, the alert will display the room and patient name.


The only users who can clear an alert are the users who sent the alert and users with administrator access. Alerts can be cleared with these steps:

  1. Click the ‘X’ by the alert.
  2. Enter your password to log into Healthquest with.
  3. Click ok.

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