Appointment detail window

Appointment detail window

Appointment detail window

Right click on an existing appointment to open the appointment detail window or drag and drop a client from the shuttle bay to the schedule, the detail window will open. Click here to learn how to book an appointment.

Click any of the buttons along to bottom to open the corresponding window relative to the patient the appointment belongs to.

*Note, ‘Bill other’ will open the invoice entry window to create an invoice directed to the patient or a third party.

*Note, right clicking on print opens a window giving options to print labels, envelopes, sending emails, and accessing client list manager.

* Note, click on the  button to edit contact information. Once selected, the contact information displayed will unlock for editing. Click the button again to save the entered information.

*Note, click on the patient's email address, 'send email' will appear. You can then send an email to the patient.

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