Appointment Reminder Report

Appointment Reminder Report

The appointment reminders report shows a list of appointments in the date range selected, whether reminders were sent, which method the reminder was sent, if there is a response to the reminder or not, as well as all the appointment details. Think of it as a workstation for manually sending and tracking appointment reminders.

Find this report:

  1.  "Appts” along the top menu bar, select “Appointment reminders.”
  2.  “Reports” along the top menu bar, hover over “Client lists”, select “Appointment reminders”.

Set the criteria as needed, then click retrieve to refresh the listing.

The report will display various pieces of information, including if reminders have been sent, the method of how they were sent, and if patients have responded to them.

Here is an example of the reminder report.

There are multiple quick links within the report, allowing quick access to client cards as well as the appointment window on the scheduler.


Review which appointments have not been sent reminders, and/or which appointments will not be sent a reminder through automated reminders.

Manually update the appointment reminder status, click on the reminder state, select from the dropdown. Click here to review the manual reminders steps.      


Click below to see a video reviewing the appointment reminder report. 

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