Appointment statuses

Appointment statuses

Appointment statuses indicate the stage in the appointment process the patient is in. For example, as a patient arrives for a booked appointment, the status should be changed to ‘arrived’.

Appointment statuses can be customized within your clinic to match your clinic’s workflows.

Setup > add item types > select appoint states.

From here, add new statuses, or edit existing.

  1. Click ‘add item’.
  2. Enter an item id, note the first letter will determine the color of the status, see the legend.
  3. Enter the name of the status to appear on the dropdown in the abstract column.
  4. Prime Id will determine the order of statuses in the dropdown.
  5. Check of the send reminder if those appointments should receive reminders. (Usually this is only booked).
  6. Select whether the appointment should be available to drag into a room, and or, appear in the appointment states window.
  7. Click save.

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