Abbreviations used to expand into larger text.

This can:
  1. Increase efficiency in charting for commonly used text.
  2. Be used as a checklist of sorts to make sure all items are addressed for a particular appointment reason.
Activate an autocomplete in a chart note:
  1. Type in the abbreviation.

  1. Hit the space bar.

  1. The expanded text will appear.

Create new autocompletes.

Setup > Charting setup > Autocomplete/macro setup.

  1. Click new.
  2. Enter abbreviation (consider using partial words for the abbreviation, e.g., 'diab’ so when the full word is used in text, the full expansion doesn’t display when not required.
  3. Type the full text body into the description box.
  4. If specific to you, select your name in the employee dropdown.
    1. Or leave blank for clinic wide usage of the autocomplete.
  5. Click save.

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