Client billing macros

Client billing macros

Enter a code on a direct billing invoice, and have multiple codes appear automatically to save time entering the same details on a regular basis.

Set up client billing macros under the admin menu, select ‘client billing macro setup’.

  1. Click new.
  2. Enter a macro code.
  3. Enter the description.
  4. Select a practitioner to limit this macro code to a single practitioner, otherwise leave this field blank.
  5. Enter the price list code and description that appears on an invoice.
  6. Add in any modifiers, quantity, and amount to apply.
  7. Click save.

Using a client billing macro

Open client billing, select the practitioner, and search for the patient.

Enter the macro code in the code column. 

Hit enter and all the billing details will populate into the invoice.

Click done, print, or payment once invoice details are complete.

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