Dictation while logged into Healthquest

Click the microphone icon on the sidebar on the right to activate dictation in Healthquest.

The microphone icon must appear as below (with a green dot) for dictations to automatically insert into Healthquest as you speak. Place your cursor where you want the text to appear.

Note: If the microphone icon has a red dot, that means dictation is muted and any dictations created will be stored for later use.

From your mobile device, log into the Healthquest online app. 

  1. Select 'Dictation’' from the menu.
  2. Select the Microphone button to start dictation.
  3. Speak into the device.
  4. Click Done once you have finished speaking.
  5. Make any necessary changes with the keyboard and click ‘save’.

The dictated text is inserted into the text field in Healthquest.

Dictation when not logged into Healthquest

The process of dictating into the Healthquest app is the same even if you are not logged into Healthquest on a computer. The difference is it will be saved as dictations to add to a chart note later. You may send multiple items to the dictation clipboard, for each entry click on save and start a new sentence potentially to go into a different notes box.


To enter the dictated notes to a patient’s record, log into Healthquest, open the correct patient and for example a chart note.

Double click on the microphone icon (on the sidebar on the right side of the screen) to open the saved dictations.

A window will appear with a list of the saved dictations.

Note: The microphone symbol in the sidebar will flash to signify any pending notifications.

  1. Click into an editable field in a chart note or any other text field in Healthquest.
  2. Select the text that you wish to insert. Only one dictation from the list may be selected at a time.
  3. Click Paste. You can also simply double-click the dictation and it will insert.
  4. To delete a dictation that is no longer needed, click on the x beside the text.


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