Editing unsubmitted AH claims

Editing unsubmitted AH claims

There may be occasions that a claim will need to be edited, if it was saved but not yet submitted, this can happen through the ‘edit claim’ button, from the toolbar or the billing menu.

*Note, the patient CANNOT be changed, if the claim is created for the wrong patient, delete the claim, and start again.


AHC claim editing window

Click edit billing or click the billing menu and select edit current claims.

Sort the claims by clicking on the column heading as required.

To change the practitioner for a claim, highlight the claim from the list, click on change doctor, select the correct practitioner, and click 'ok'.

If you would like to change the practitioner for multiple claims at once, Ctrl + click to highlight multiple patients and make the change to all of the selected claims at once.

*Note, if the practitioner does not have a valid BA number on their client card, it will not save with the new practitioner. Open the practitioner client card, under the practitioner tab, enter the BA number into the correct field.

To make edits to the claim details, highlight the claim from the list, change the details on the ‘base’ tab, click done when all details are correct.

To delete the claim and start over, highlight the claim, click delete, it will ask if you are sure, click applicable answer.

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