Instant messaging

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is a communication feature for staff, and practitioners, separate from all patient records. Using it is a convenient way to communicate with team members without the need to physically approach them or make a phone call.

Instant messaging is a feature that requires enabling in the program setup > admin > check off ‘2015 instant messaging’.

Instant messaging is found on the right-hand sidebar, either ‘IM’ or ‘Instant messaging’. There is also an ‘IM’ button in the top left corner of the appointment scheduler.

Have a conversation with someone.

  1. Open instant messaging.
  2. Click their name on the left.
  3. Type the message into the text box along the bottom.
  4. Click send or hit enter.

*Note, you can still send a message to someone who is offline, they will receive the message next time they log in to Healthquest.


When the other person responds to your message, this instant messaging window will popup forefront of your screen and will flash red until acknowledged.

To deactivate instant messaging from popping up, go to program setup > system, select  ‘Don’t auto-open instant messaging’. When a message comes through, the right sidebar will flash red to inform you of an incoming message.

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