Patient statements

Patient statements

Individual client statements can be viewed and printed from the client card using the statement button, or the statements option under the client menu.


Client card statements

  1. Note the patient loaded. Use the lookup icon to change to a different patient.
  2. Select the date range for the statement.
  3. Choose a company and practitioner if applicable.
  4. Check off unpaid only and or overdue warning boxes if applicable.
  5. Click generate statement.

*Note, if any changes are made to the criteria selected, click generate statement to display those changes on the displayed statement.

  1. Click print to print or save file as a PDF.

Client menu statements

Use the client menu to select statements to print client statements, this option is great if you’re looking to print statements of multiple patients at the same time.

  1. Choose a company if applicable.
  2. Select who is responsible for payments, in this case the patient. or a third-party company.
  3. Choose between outstanding or detailed. Distributions is used as an option for third parties.
  4. Select the date range for the statement.
  5. Check off multiple companies if applicable.
  6. All patients default to highlighted, deselect any that a statement is not required for.
  7. Click print statements, the save window will appear, saving each patient’s statement in its own PDF.
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