PrescribeIT with Healthquest

PrescribeIT with Healthquest

Canada Health Infoway is working with Health Canada, provinces and territories, and industry stakeholders like Microquest to create, operate, and maintain a financially self-sustaining, e-prescribing service, known as PrescribeIT®.

PrescribeIT® enables prescribers to electronically send prescriptions straight from Healthquest to the pharmacy management system of a patient's pharmacy of choice. It also allows prescribers to communicate electronically with the pharmacist regarding specific medications for specific patients, initiated by the practitioner in the clinic or the pharmacy.

PrescribeIT® is fully integrated within Healthquest and is free.
Here are some of the benefits:
  1. Secure communication between practitioner and pharmacist.
  2. Saves paper and ink, no more printing required.
  3. Triplicate prescriptions can be sent through PrescribeIT, no need to order triplicate pads anymore.
  4. Reduces chance of patient's double dipping at different pharmacies.

Two factor Authentication

  1. Log into Healthquest with your username and password as normal.
  2. The Doctor view will open as a new window within Healthquest, shown below.

      3. See the PrescribeIT Authentication window open.
  1. This will send an alphanumerical code to the phone number set up automatically upon Healthquest login.
  2. Enter the code received via text within the next 5 minutes and click ‘Verify’.
  3. If the code expires, click the button ‘Resend verification code’ for a new code.
      4. Once this has been entered and verified, no further action is required for using PrescribeIT features for the rest of the day while remaining logged in.

Source: Canada Health Infoway.

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