Referral Management vs Worklists

Referral Management vs Worklists

Referral Management - Click here to learn more about Referral Management.

Referral Management is a similar concept but can hold much more information and follows a referral from beginning to end.

Worklists - Click here to learn more about worklists.

Internal communication regarding a specific patient between staff and clinicians, found on patient charts, and in staff inboxes.

Key Differences

1.      Worklists are used for all different communications and action requests.

 Referral Management is used specifically for referrals.

2.      Worklists have limited fields with a large area for free text.      

       Referral Management has multiple fields for referral details, with text fields for context.

3.      Referral Management has more reporting capabilities with all the different fields for evaluations.

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