Site management

Site management

For clinics that have multiple locations, set up new ‘sites’ for each within Healthquest to identify each location.

The implementation of sites enables staff and practitioners to restrict their visibility within Healthquest to their respective work locations. The doctor list in the appointment schedule, and the list of employees in worklists, will be limited to the user’s current site.

For instance, consider a database with 10 doctors, 5 at the Edmonton location, and 5 at Sherwood Park. By assigning each practitioner to their respective site, when logging into Healthquest, all staff and practitioners will be prompted to select a site. After selecting the appropriate location, only the practitioners and staff associated with that site will be visible, ensuring a tailored and focused view for each user.


Benefits to sites also allow for site specific preferences for scan folder locations and appointment reminders.


Manage the sites in the ‘add item type’ option from the setup menu.

  1. Select ‘site management’ from the radio buttons at the top.
  2. Click add item.
  3. Enter the Item ID (site number).
  4. Enter the clinic location.
  5. Enter the prime ID as the order it will appear in site dropdowns.

Assign each practitioner a site on their practitioner tab of the client card.

  1. Open the practitioner client card.
  2. Click the practitioner tab.
  3. Select the site the doctor belongs to in the site dropdown.
  4. Click save.

Now that there are multiple sites created within your Healthquest database, all users when logging in are prompted to select a site.

Select the site you are working at, click ok.

If you always work at the same location, select the site, then check off ‘never ask me again’, then click ok.


To switch sites while logged into Healthquest, click the windows menu along the top menu bar, click change site.

Select the new site, click ok.

*Note, the appointment schedule will show only doctors linked to the site selected, this is noted in the Healthquest title bar.

The program setup includes an option that allows the display of all practitioners regardless of site selection, if required.

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