Submitting Alberta Health claims

Submitting Alberta Health claims

After the AH claims have been created, they do need to be submitted regularly, whether this is daily, or weekly, or another timeline that works for your clinic. Most commonly, clinics submit once a week.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AH claims should be submitted by Wednesday (every week) before your clinic closes on that day for the claims to be processed for the next week. If there hasn’t been a submission for the week and it is Thursday, an AH submission reminder popup appears once a user logs on to Healthquest.

  1. Click the billing menu, select ‘Submit claims’, opening the submission of claims to Alberta Health window.

  1. Click the proceed button.
  2. Click yes to the message box that pops up. These claims will now be sent to Alberta Health.

*Note, if the transmission is interrupted, you will need to click the ‘re-transmit’ button.

To resubmit specific files, under the admin menu, select the ‘resubmit file’.

Once these claims have been submitted, an option to print a submission report or summary report will be given.

Hold claims

There is a program setup option to enable claims to be held, this will allow all the other claims to be submitted, while holding back a select few that are not ready to be submitted.

Click the billing menu and select ‘submit claims’, then click on ‘hold claims’.

  1. Highlight the claims to ‘hold back’ in the top half of the window (ctrl + click to select multiple).
  2. Click hold claims, the claims will move to the bottom half of the window. (When proceeding with the submissions, these held claims will NOT go through.

Click here to review additional billing options in program setup.

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