Tali AI - Introduction

Tali AI - Introduction


With Healthquest's 4.4.50 update, Tali AI has been integrated into the EMR to improve the workflows of the clinic providers, enhance patient care and to cut down on charting time.

Tali AI opens within the embedded browser in Healthquest and will run on top of your Healthquest window. It is used as an ambient scribe to record a transcription of the patient's visit, which is then summarized to your specifications, and can then be copied into your chart note. There is also a dictation feature that can be used for writing letters. The ambient scribe works both with in-person and Telehealth appointments.

Getting started

To utilize this feature, your clinic's EMR will need to be updated to version 4.4.50 or later and you will need to acquire a Tali AI account. This can be done by clicking on the sign up link in the Healthquest widget or by visiting their website https://tali.ai/ 

To access Tali from your Healthquest EMR, click the yellow button on your sidebar. 


Click on 'Sign into Tali' to register or sign in. Once you've signed in with your email address, you will receive an authentication code sent to the provided email address. Enter the authentication code to finalize your login. After you have successfully logged in, your Tali will stay logged in as this information is saved and you should not need to enter it again.

Tali features

Once you are logged in, you have access to the available features.

Available settings

Ambient scribe settings

Select your default template. The templates change the way the software listens to your conversation. You will receive different versions of your appointment summary based on your selection.

SOAP Preferences
  1. Note structure: bullet point or paragraph form.
  1. Sentence style: short phrases or full sentences.
  1. Note details: concise or extended
  1. Pronouns: none, He/she or they
Ambient language
  1. Conversation language: can be set to auto-detect, which works with English and French and you are able to switch languages while using the ambient scribe. You can also select English, French, or Spanish. Additional language options will be added in the future. 
  1. Summary language: select the language of the text you wish to populate for your charting. Currently available in English or French.
Medical dictation settings
Dictation Language
  1.       Dictation language: can be set as English or French.
  1. Account details: view your Tali AI account details.
  2. Subscription details: links to view, cancel or manage your Tali account subscription.
  1. Talk to an expert: a link to request a working session or demo with Tali AI.
  2. Download consent form: a downloadable copy of a sample patient consent provided by Tali.
  3. Patient consent infographic: a printable copy of important information for informed consent.
  4. Terms of use: Tali AI's terms of use.
  5. Privacy policy: Tali AI's privacy policy.
  6. Sign out of your Tali AI account.

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