WCB claim macros

WCB claim macros

When billing a medical care invoice, first report or progress report, a macro can be used to quickly fill in the billing portion.


Creating a WCB Macro

From the client menu select WCB Rapid Report and then WCB Billing Macro.

  1. Click new and enter a macro name.
  2. Select a practitioner if necessary and fill in the billing information required.
  3. If more lines are required click the ‘add line’ button, another billing line will appear, fill that out as required.
  4. Click save and close.

Using a WCB Macro

From the client menu select ‘WCB rapid report’ and then ‘reports’.

  1. Lookup a client using the lookup field.
  2. Highlight a claim from the patient’s list or create a new claim.
  3. Open the invoice tab from the list on the left.
  4. In the ‘service code’ field type in the name of the WCB billing macro and hit enter or tab.
  5. The billing information will populate based on the information set up in the macro.

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