Creating an invoice

Creating an invoice

From the appointment scheduler,

  1. Open the appointment for the patient.
  2. Make sure the appointment status is NOT ‘done’, ‘cancelled’, or ‘missed’.
  3. Click ‘Bill other’ – the invoice entry window will open with that patient loaded.

From the tabletop window,

  1. Click client billing from the left toolbar – the invoice entry window will open.
  2. Select the practitioner.
  3. Search the patient in the lookup field.

  1. Search the third-party in the ‘Bill to TP’ field.
    1. Type in the name or id for the third party.
    2. Select correct third-party from the list.

*Note, the address, claim, and policy numbers will pull from the client relation and appear on the invoice.

Enter the fees to the invoice:

  1. The service date defaults to today’s date, edit if needed.
  2. Select a code from the dropdown menu (price list).
  3. Edit the description if needed.
  4. The modifier columns are for any discounts to be applied. (Not commonly used).
  5. The amount box will default to the price list amount, edit as required.
  6. Edit the quantity in the ‘Calls’ column as required.
  7. From here,
    1. Click done – saves the invoice on the client account summary.
    2. Click print – prints the invoice for the patient.
    3. Click payment – opens the payment entry window to apply payment.

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