Managing inventory

Managing inventory

Let Healthquest keep track of how much inventory is on hand, by entering the new stock when it arrives, and subtracting inventory as it is sold.

Open the inventory transactions window (admin > inventory > add/delete inventory.

Editing inventory could be due to different scenarios, such as receiving new stock, returning product back to the supplier, or if product has expired.

  1. Select the company at the top.
  2. Click new (to create a new transaction).
  3. Select the applicable type:
    1. Purchase – new stock received from the suppliers.
    2. Adjustment – to add or remove stock from inventory, for example, complimentary giveaways or expired products.
    3. Return – product that was returned to the supplier and subtracted from the inventory on hand in the clinic.
    4. Loss – product that is missing.
    5. Defect – product that was defective and returned to the supplier.
  4. Select the product being added or removed from inventory. If the product is not found in the dropdown, click the three dots button to add a new product. Click here to review more on adding items to the inventory.
  5. *Note, this list matches the price list found under the admin menu.
  6. Enter the transaction date, right click to open the calendar.
  7. Enter the quantity being added or removed from inventory.
  8. Enter the cost per unit for all new stock received.
  9. If the product has an expiry date, add that in.
  10. All other fields are optional.
  11. Click save, the transaction will appear in the top half of the window.
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