Creating new chart notes

Creating new chart notes

Chart notes are the templates used to make notes on encounters between practitioner and patient.

There are many different templates available, containing multiple different field types. The below example has text boxes, numerical fields, and check boxes.

If you are looking for a custom charting experience, call support (1-866-438-3762), and they can assist with customizing or building new templates.


Create a new chart note from the charting overview window:

  1. Click on new, select a template, start charting.
  2. Ctrl and left click, select a template, it will open the new chart note in a secondary window, start charting.

Create a new chart note from the doctor view:

  1. Click on patient, click new note, select template, start charting.
  2. Click the chart notes icon, opening today's chart note (staff may start a note to enter vitals).

Historical values

Ctrl and left click in any field within a chart note, all historical values will present in a history window. This works for text fields, numerical fields, check boxes, and radio buttons.

Below example pulls up all historical values in the ‘plan’ field.

Highlighting all text within a text field

Place cursor into the text box to highlight, click Ctrl + A

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